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An award-winning SaaS platform, LendFoundry offers tools and accelerators to lenders to manage digital lending lifecycle. LendFoundry Loan Management System offers Loan Origination System and Loan Servicing System, and additional new-age features around customer management, compliance reporting, authentication, security, AI-powered credit scoring and marketing.

Happy Customers +Happy Employees + Happy You

Our SaaS model minimizes the upfront, startup cost, while the AI-enabled platform identifies priority accounts, creates risk profiles, and recommends interest rates to optimize your margins. It acts as a self-service portal to your customers offering them a single view into their loans, payments and statements


Tech Benefits

API for everything
Facilitates rapid app development and
‘Plug and Play’ integration

Digital readiness
SaaS platform gives accessibility at your
easy and on the go

Future ready technology
Microservice architecture offers you
scale and speed to market


Business Benefits

Happy customers
Self-access of information and timely
Communications about their loan

New business
identify and close new cross-sell and
upsell opportunities with AI

Happy employees
Single view of customer saves efforts
in tracking and reviewing loan


Operational Benefits

Easy configurability
Quickly configure any product parameter,
user action and workflows

Asset class coverage
Cover multiple asset classes and add new
product variations

Stakeholder collaboration
Tools enabling collaboration
internally and externally

Integrated platform to run an entire lending business digitally

Possible to implement entire solution or just the pieces that make sense for business

Loan Origination

Flexible enough to completely automate
underwriting or configuring back-office
workflows for manual verification

Loan Servicing

A simple, intuitive and ‘eye-pleasing’
interface to log all activities of an unlimited
number of customer’s services

Business Analytics

Give your employees an analytics solution to spot the patterns and make decisions that advance the business.

Credit Bureau Reporting

LendFoundry has developed reporting capabilities out of the box to serve our customers.

Scale at speed with 80+ ready API integrations
across leading 3rd party platforms

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