Effective Tips for Good Credit Score

People are highly dependent on credits to make purchases at the present time but availability and getting a good deal of credit is directly linked to your credit score. A good credit score and history are also the pillars of every remunerative credit card reward strategy. Credit scores consider not only a person’s present actions but all the actions since the beginning involving the credit. You should maintain a good credit score not just to get a credit card or loan but for much more than that. If your credit score is below par, then most probably you will be considered as a high-risk borrower and it is likely that you will be paying higher interest rates on loans. Building a good credit score is not a one day task, it takes time and there is no quick way to fix a credit score.

How to improve credit score for better loan possibility

To some people, having a good credit score may seem a daunting task but it is not as difficult as it seems to be if you use it in the right way since the first few years of using credits. Let us discuss some of the ways which will help you in maintaining a good credit score and if your score is not good, then for repairing the same:

1. Check the Credit Card Report

Credit score repair begins with a good, updated and accurate credit report. Everybody is entitled to a copy of their credit card statement free of cost. This report contains the data which is used to calculate the credit score. So, check the accuracy of data regarding information of late payments made for all your accounts and the amount you owe to each of the accounts is correct too. Make sure to pay your statement balance on time every month.

2. Make payments on Time

Credit payments made on time are the biggest contributing factor to a good credit score. It includes both your loans and credit card payments. Make sure to pay the credits on time and in full rather than paying a minimum due amount. This will help in maintaining a decent credit score. You can set payment reminders to pay the due amounts so that no such account winds up on the credit score. Some banks offer this facility free of cost to remind you of paying the due amounts either via a message or via a mail. You can avail that and avoid any delinquency in making the due payments.

3. Let the Oldest Account Age

Having long-running accounts on the report is a good way to maintain a good credit score. Keeping the oldest accounts open help in increasing the credit age and build a good credit score. Closing such accounts won’t affect the credit score instantly but with the passage of time, such accounts will be eventually removed from the list, shortening the length of the credit history. So, do not close such accounts to up the game of credit scores.

4. Begin with one Credit

Pay attention to not accumulating too many credits if you are a beginner in using credits. More credit will eventually make it harder to keep up with the balances and payments in tough times. So, do not open too many credit lines too soon. Having too many credit lines and too many inquiries into the credit negatively affects the credit score.

Credits have become a necessity rather than a luxury for people these days. A good credit score is the result of longtime discipline and patience. Once, you have worked on improving the credit availed and its payment, a good credit score will come as a reward for your efforts.

  • April 26, 2018