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Why Should You Use A Cloud-Based Loan Servicing Platform?


Due to the unprecedented changes in the financial service industry, lenders are looking for a fast, efficient, modern and cost-efficient loan servicing. With the increase in customer demands and competition from the non-traditional players, there is a need to come up with technology-driven new business models.

Cloud computing carries the potential in transforming the financial services business by reinventing the business and operating models. By helping a lending business to connect with the virtualized technology resources and implement the same within the business it enables meeting business needs at much lower costs and lesser time, making it possible for the technology teams to focus on business innovation and building great customer experiences. The main advantage of such a platform is the ease with which it manages a large amount of data efficiently and rapidly without spending a huge amount of money on it.

Benefits of a cloud-based loan management system

Let’s delve a little more into the benefits of cloud-based loan platforms for the lending business:


Cloud-based loan servicing platforms enable the business to run a new software as quickly as within a month, which would otherwise take minimum 11-12 months in order to build the software from scratch. It is important to be ready with the new advancements in the technology and cloud-based platforms help you get there.


To stay ahead of competitors and meet the growing demands of the customers, a business needs to come up with innovative ideas and different products. And for this, you definitely need a technology that is flexible, agile and up to date. Cloud-based technology enables you to execute new ideas with efficiency, high speed, and low costs.

Improved Customer Experience

With the cloud-based applications, the lenders can offer improved and consistent experience to the customers across multi-channel touch-points. Along with enhanced user-experience customers also benefit with the reduced costs that lenders pass on to them which is not possible for the lenders not using cloud-based platforms.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics are very crucial in analyzing the overall performance of a business. And, cloud-based management system provides the 360 view of the overall performance as well as the status of loan applications.

Data Security

Cloud computing provides a cutting-edge security for your business. Implementing the same will help you keep all your files and data saved in servers at one location. Cloud-based platforms eliminate the risk of losing the data as well as provide efficient management of the data.

Access & Collaboration

With cloud-based management platform, all the employees have the access to the data even when they are out of the office. This enhances the internal communication among the employees and results in better customer experience.

How to Choose the Right Lending Software

Let us take a look at the things that need to be considered while choosing cloud-based loan platform for your company:

Short and Long-term Business Needs

The lending software works as a tool to support the business strategy. To begin with, review the short-term business goals, long-term business goals, current software packages and current technologies. This review will act as the basis for selecting the right cloud-based platform for your business.


Pricing plays a major role in selecting the right software for your company. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis and understand completely the benefits you will be reaping after implementing the software within the organization. You should be careful in not paying for the extra features which are of no use for your business and select the service provider that offers the exact features which are needed, support services, functionality and other features in the package.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Learn

The other main reason that increases the chance of implementing the cloud-based loan platform is the ease with which it is installed. Without an I.T. expertise, cloud-based platforms are easy to install and integrate within the organization. Its speedy installment and accessibility to all the employees make the overall management of loans easy for the lenders.

Cloud-based loan platform is considered to bring a new revolution in the financial service industry. From a small scale industry to a big company, this revolutionary platform has a solution for each of them. Implement the same within the organization and enjoy its benefits as well as increased ROI.

  • June 7, 2018