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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is at the core of’s platform. Customer relationship is a where our clients built their brand trust with their customers. We believe that each lead is important and all of our clients thrive on lead conversions and customer retention. Some of our clients with shorter term lending products are counting on a good amount of repeat customers as their main revenue generator. As with all our clients, building on a solid foundation of leads and customers and constantly find ways to interact with the base give them a great competitive advantage. Retargeting campaigns for visitors and leads are critical today in the highly competitive digital advertising space. The ability to mine your customer’s data and design specific messages to depend the exciting relationship will bear fruit for years to come. built a platform with customer relationships in mind. The availability of data for our clients have truly made a difference in their messaging to their customers.


Our Features

LendFoundry pulls in identity, credit and affordability datasets for our clients to provide a custom and wholistic view of their customer’s credit life cycle.

  • Combining their payments behavior, our clients have been able to introduce other products to their customers to meet their customer’s needs
  • Our platform enables lenders to get ahead of their competition by understanding their customer’s credit needs proactively.
  • This greatly reduced marketing cost by focusing on those that are looking and in need of credit. Creating a tailored message to target a specific audience is just one of the advantages of using