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Mortgage underwriting guidelines issued by the U.S. Government have not loosened since the passage of the Dodd Frank Act of 2010. The mortgage industry is poised for a fundamental shift as big banks implement BASEL III along with a rising interest environment in the United States.

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Personal Loans

Zero collateral & totally flexible personal loans to fit your needs.

Our Features

LendFoundry's core application is designed to work with any part of our client's existing architecture.

  • LendFoundry can easily integrated with our clients CRM Customer Relationship Database or their front end application.
  • Our LMS, Loan Management System works seamless with LendFoundry's Loan Origination System or any other LOS available on the market
  • It's completely modular and configurable.

Working Capital

Hard Money Commercial Loans, Bridge Financing or Working Capital Loans are extremely popular amongst small business owners for time sensitive transactions. Their business profile are often outside of traditional banking underwriting criteria. Due to volatility of their cash flow and personal credit, small business owner often turn to private money to bridge lenders for their financial needs. Working Capital lenders quickly found themselves delivering their services online, such as Kabbage, CAN Capital, OnDeck and Quick Bridge Funding. Most recently, Square and PayPal have also ventured into small business financing. LendFoundry has been providing services to upstart lenders to launch their portfolios and we've also helped established lenders to expand online.

Our Features

LendFoundry's lending platform features a variety amortization schedule. Our application supports daily, weekly and monthly ACH payment processing.

  • LendFoundry's core system are integrated with national personal and commercial credit bureaus.
  • Our system validates business check accounts and verifies business owner backgrounds through identity verification services.
  • Our lending modules have capabilities of integrate complex underwriting score cards, pricing metrics for a number of of lending products.

Auto Lending

Auto Lending in the US has experience a surge in recent years. According to Wall Street Journal in late 2015, auto lending volume has reached 2006 level. Subprime auto loans has surged to $110 billion with credit score below 660, out of which $70 billion are issued to consumer with credit score of 620 or less. With increasing scrutiny from CFPB - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, deeper understanding of the consumer's ability to pay is in the forefront of CFPB' Auto Lending Guidance published in 2015. LendFoundry has been working with emerging auto lending fintech startups to properly manage credit, fraud and residual value risk and helped many lenders to navigate this complex credit and compliance environment.

Our features

LendFoundry offers a suite of loan origination and loan management systems that are flexible and highly configurable whether it is a client side or hosted cloud deployment.

  • LendFoundry's LOS Loan Origination System and LMS Loan Management Systems are designed with third party integrations out of the box.
  • Our applications are configured to work with BlackBook, Kelly Blue Book, NADA National Automobile Dealers Association.
  • Our decision engine and scoring engine are connected to popular auto propensity and residual value scores from a variety of national credit bureaus.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is the quickest way for small business in the United State to gain access to much needed liquidity to fund their business operations. The benefit of a cash advance loan is that the repayments are tied directly to the small business' daily sales volume. Small business owners don't have to worry about loan maturity date or fixed daily or monthly payment even during difficult times. For these reasons, MCA or Merchant Cash Advance lenders have flourished and LendFoundry has been working with MCA lenders to deliver much needed funds to SME or Small and Medium Enterprises. We have working with some of the most innovative players to develop new lending technology that reduced decision times down to seconds.

Our Features

LendFoundry's Merchant Cash Advance solutions deliver automated underwriting with key integrations with checking account and bank verification, tax filling verification, entity and principal owner background identification.

  • LendFoundry is also a key integration partner with major commercial and small business credit bureaus in the United States.
  • Our experience plus our award winning platform has enabled new lenders to grow beyond their expectations.
  • Please contact us to schedule a demo and see how we can help you grow your business.

Real Estate Financing

Mortgage underwriting guidelines issued by the U.S. Government have not loosened since the passage of the Dodd Frank Act of 2010. The mortgage industry is poised for a fundamental shift as big banks implement BASEL III along with a rising interest environment in the United States.

Our Features

LendFoundry has been working with some new and established players in the mortgage industry to revolutionize the way we finance our homes.

  • LendFoundry's core applications are integrated with all three major credit bureaus, AVMs Automated Valuation Models from major data providers in the United States.
  • LendFoundry is integrated with nationally recognized document service providers and e-signature providers for an seamless customer experience.

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Backed by 50+ pre-built APIs with major FinTech players (like Clarity Services, FEDChex, Twilio, Yodlee, Plaid, LOB, etc…), LendFoundry boasts of one of the largest out-of-the-box integrations with FinTech platforms.

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