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Marketing Solutions

Performance Marketing is the heart of success with all marketplace lenders and fintech players. We worked diligently with our clients, each having a unique voice and approach in their go to market strategy. Branding, acquisition volume, channel specific strategies are always a topic of discussion. However execution is what does the best. We have helped a number of lenders start their SEM Search Engine Optimization with Google, Bing, Yahoo Gemini, AdRoll, Criteo and other acquisition and retargeting platforms in addition to optimize lender’s bidding process. Our big data, noSQL back end database stores and analyzes visit and session information and ultimately connect with conversion metrics to help our clients to tune their marketing strategies continuously.

Marketing Solutions

Our Features

LendFoundry has years of experience managing Direct Mail campaigns, Search Engine Management and Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

  • We have also helped our clients to launch Re-targeting strategies with banner ads development including data analytics and graphics design capabilities.
  • Whether you have marketing capabilities or still developing that part of your strategy, can help you launch and train your staff accordingly.