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Loan Origination Software

Online loan origination process has become more sophisticated over the years due to regulatory pressure and competitiveness. Each lender on average has been integrated with more than ten data providers ranging from credit reporting, identity validation, anti-money laundering, bank account data, land line and mobile phones, device identity, social media and other online profiles. LendFoundry has worked with traditional and new data providers over the years that’s helped many lenders to shorten their go to market schedule.

Loan Origination

Our Features

LendFoundry’s LOS or Loan Origination System is flexible to facilitate fully automated underwriting or incorporate back-office workflow for manual verification and decisioning.

  • We’ve worked with some of the most sophisticated data providers with mobile geolocation capabilities to device fingerprinting.
  • Our platform can take in thousands of attributes and feed into our decision engine to score, price and extend credit all within a fraction of a second.