Category: Digital Payments

May 24, 2018

Data Privacy and Digital Lending

  Lately, there have been 2 issues around the digital data privacy that have been doing rounds in the media – Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Indian Elections and Cambridge Analytica Superficially they look like they are disconnected since one is a social platform and second[...]

April 12, 2018

SME’s Guide to Invoice Factoring & Other Financing Alternatives

The struggle with cash inflow and outflow is a very common and regular problem faced by companies of every size whether small, big or a start-up. At present, most of the companies are seen processing invoices to manage their transactions and such companies suffer the[...]

March 29, 2018

Payment Innovations in FinTech

The payment landscape has experienced a significant change over the past decade globally. With the rapid evolution of mobile commerce and online payments, many new modes of payments like E-wallets, in-app purchasing, P2P payments have come into the market. This change in payment landscape is[...]