Personal Loan Management Software

Faster Personal Loans with a Unified Paperless Solution 

LendFoundry Personal Loan Management Software takes into consideration the end to end complex business requirements of Loan Origination and Loan Servicing and provides a completely paperless unified solution for faster Digital Personal Lending

Enable digital loan origination while offering speed, scalability, and actionable intelligence yielding happier customers and more business for you.

Based on an” accelerator” concept, building blocks support Personal Loan Origination and Personal Loan Servicing. LendFoundry can be deployed rapidly and then customized to fit workflows, the desired branding, look and feel.

State-of-the-art micro-services design enables high performance and seamless scaling with business growth.

Offered as a Cloud Service (SaaS) makes startup costs low and allows to scale the application as the business grows.

Additional flexibility to choose to use the entire solution or just the pieces that make business sense.

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Modular Personal Lending Software

Low-code modular architecture powers the platform to offer a high degree of reusability and ease of customization to build solutions tailor-made to suit unique business requirements. Deepen your customer relationship with the power of  personalized omnichannel contextual experiences.

Our Features

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For your Customer Experience

  • Online all the way for a seamless truly digital paperless experience
  • Multi Channel application input support for easier lending
  • Borrower self service portal for transparent tracking through the application process and loan lifecycle
  • Configurable mobile and email management to automate notifications
  • Event driven Statement of Account and Loan Closure document generation
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For your Loan Origination

  • Digital KYC, borrower personal and financial verifications with 3rd party data enrichment
  • Streamlined workflow with configurable approval cycle. Automated Decision making with straight through processing for instant preliminary offer generation.
  • System driven consent capture & communication for speedy funding
  • Easily configurable loan terms to reduce complexities
  • Custom Workflows to support Credit & Risk Assessment
  • Quickly launch new loan products on same single platform for easy onboarding
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For your Loan Portfolio

  • Configurable Payment Hierarchies to align to business events
  • Configurable payment intervals - weekly, bi- weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • Easy to configure additional discounts or fees on loans
  • Automated NACHA/ACH enabled funding and repayments files creation
  • Configurable mobile and email management to automate notifications
  • Event driven Statement of Account and Loan Closure document generation
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For your Business

  • Secure & Scalable Platform
  • SOC Type 1/2 certified
  • API for seamless integration with existing and future technology environment
  • MultiLingual capability
  • User credential and role based access
  • Complete transaction log generation and storage for future audit purpose
  • Integrated document storage with classification and access control
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics for current business requirements and support long term business vision

Frequently Asked Questions

A Personal Loan is usually an unsecured or without any collaterals loan given to an individual. The individual can be self-employed or salaried. Individuals primarily avail Personal Loan when they are in a cash crunch and need money to fulfill some unexpected expenses or personal needs.

Personal Loans are driven by the speed of decision making and offer lucrativeness. So as a lender the borrower details collected by the Personal Loan Software coupled with the right set of verification enables the lender to negate risk and apply the best offer on the loan.

Customers are increasingly getting used to quicker processes, and turnaround time, therefore having a business model that supports such needs is indispensable for lenders. By helping a Personal Lending Business meet their needs at much lower costs and lesser time, cloud based personal loan management software are helping business strategy teams focus on business innovation and deliver delightful customer experiences.

The major advantages of investing in a Personal Loan Management System are:

Faster time to Market: Getting to the market faster is important and the Loan Management Systems enable this with pre existing configurations, third party connectors and easy customizations.

Less Capital Expenditure: While starting a new business or migrating an existing business to a new strategy Capex can be kept low by using the preexisting components of a loan management software and not investing from scratch.

Continuous Upgrades: The lending business regulations and other factors call for quick upgrades and policy implementation. A centralized loan management software enables to implement and roll out the changes faster.

If you are a personal lender ensure your Personal Loan Management Software supports the functions of 

  • Loan Application
  • Document Submission
  • Data Enrichment
  • Document Verification
  • Qualify to generate an offer or reject application.
  • Offer Generation
  • Disbursement on acceptance of offer
  • Track repayments of the loan

Personal Loan Management Software, equipped with the latest technologies, prepped with analytics and disruptive tools like AI and machine learning can get more done in a shorter time, with better accuracy than a legacy personal loan Software in today’s date.

So, if you looking to give your business the turbo-boost it needs to stand out in this competitive market, you must define your workflows, business rules, pricing and then the features you should look for in the Personal Loan Management Software are:

  • Scalability
  • Ease of deployment
  • Integrated solution
  • Centralized access
  • Credit assessment
  • Process Automation
  • Transparency
  • Responsive interface
  • Analytics and insights
  • Seamless yet secure

This article helps in better understanding the features in the perfect loan management software to help the business scale and grow.

To stay ahead and swim above the competition, it is critical that lenders ensure that their lending software technology is easy to use both in-house, as well as for the end-users, i.e., borrowers.

The “one size fits all” feature is not a big winner here. The best lending software solutions are ones that meet the lender’s particular business needs.

Some of the major benefits of a cloud based personal loan management software for a lending organization are:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Time-to-Market
  • Innovation
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Data Security
  • Access & Collaboration

This article helps in better understanding the advantages of a cloud-based loan management platform and also helps to choose the right lending software that helps the lending business scale and grow.

Today’s consumer lending environment is highly complex, driven by ever increasing customer demands and regulatory changes. The digital revolution has helped successful lenders to navigate each of these challenges and recognize that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to customer experience is no longer suitable. Instead, they should develop a set of principles which can be used to build a successful customer strategy.

LendFoundry Personal Loan Management Software takes into consideration the end to end complex business requirements and provides a holistic system which is a win-win for both your customers and your employees. Completely paperless, api driven, secure and intelligent automation enables the platform to cater to all Personal Lending requirements. The platform is collaborative, supports multi-workflow, enables real-time decision making and is an end-to-end digital channel for customer onboarding, lead management, credit underwriting and loan portfolio management.

On the Loan Origination side, the simplified application process makes it paperless and convenient to apply for loans digitally with complete visibility to the borrower on the application status. Automated processing facilitates speedy loan origination including borrower verification, decision making and underwriting. Our microservice architecture ensures a seamless integration with your existing and future technology environment. Actionable intelligence in assessing credit worthiness using multiple data sources including social, fraud detection and prevention enables you to process more applications and faster.

On the Loan Servicing side your customers get a self-service portal offering a single window view of their loans, payments, statements and also facilitates periodic, timely communications. For your support teams, they get everything required at one place and access to dashboards to manage loan portfolios efficiently. For your business, it provides Analytics and AI tools to identify the next best upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Built using a low-code modular architecture, the platform offers a high degree of reusability and ease of customization to build solutions tailor-made to suit your unique business requirements.

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