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Loan Servicing

Marketplace Lenders have very little choice when it comes to loan servicing software or LMS (loan management software). Most options available are either built on older technology that aren’t designed for today’s online environment or they are built on black box third party components that limits online lender’s ability to create a seamless experience from origination to servicing. LendFoundry’s loan servicing software is built with that in mind, lenders can call up payment history, payment reminder, missed payments, delayed payments etc by calling these micro-services from LendFoundry’s platform.

Loan Servicing

Our Features

  • Flexible Loan Servicing: Add new payment sources, reschedule payments, re-amortize loans and perform other loan servicing activities.
  • Scalability: Unlimited access to any number of customer service representatives. Scale up your loan servicing operations.
  • Compatibility: Integration with your existing systems now becomes easy. Lendfoundry’s micro-services can easily be embedded into your home-grown systems.
  • Actionable View: A single view of all the important events on any loan at one place, empowering you to take appropriate action on them. Access to information is now hassle-free.
  • Configurations: On pre-payment, do you want to reward or penalize? Lendfoundry has many such off-the-shelf configurations, choose as per your offering!
  • Simplified Credit Bureau Reporting: Send bureau reports from the system in few clicks. Quickly & effortlessly!
  • Robust Verification: Lendfoundry's Verification and Document feature helps instantly verify if your customer is genuinely having a difficulty in repaying the loan, empowering you to tackle such scenarios differently.