AI-Powered Analytics to unleash Business Growth

As a lender, you have to deal with data from multiple 3rd parties as well as your own internal systems. Imagine the edge you get when you can see the interconnections between seemingly incongruous or unrelated data sets. 

Lendfoundry has worked successfully with multiple Fintech and Lending companies and understood the requirement of providing the business with prebuilt default reports and an added flexibility of creating customized reports as per requirements.

Give your employees an analytics solution to spot the patterns and make decisions that advance the business.

Built on the Microsoft PowerBI platform, LendFoundry offers you an AI-powered and user-friendly business analytics platform. Since it supports Open API, you also get the flexibility of using your existing analytics platform. 

LendFoundry Data As a Service DaaS comes with prebuilt interactive reports. The reporting suite includes Customer360, Macroeconomic Analysers, Portfolio Performance Analysis, Business SWOT analyzers, Partner Performance Synopsis etc. to keep you informed and on top of your game.

The reporting bouquet at Lendfoundry has been developed to address the business requirement of both growth stage and startup stage businesses with visualization and great insights for a business tracks to gauge its health and success.

Turn your data into actions, with ease. 

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 Insight + AI = Invincible You

LendFoundry LOS connects to a multitude of sources including databases for financial and non-financial transactions, external sources such as third parties and even public sources to enrich lending data. 
The LendFoundry Loan Servicing System data further enriches the lending data with loan account performance and repayment behavior.
LendFoundry helps lenders convert data into actionable insights. It performs risk assessment using a combination of rule-based decisions and AI/ML analysis on your business data. 
An intuitive user interface on the analytics portal facilitates business teams to take critical decisions along with the ability to identify trends in order to drive business growth strategy, pro-actively recognize potential problem areas and isolate them.

Our Features

Turn Insights into Profitability and Efficiency

With the insights from LendFoundry Analytics, you can Forecast Demand, Reach out to Profitable Customers, Identify the best channel for lead sourcing, On-board customers faster, Customise offerings with risk equated pricing, Identify cross/up-sell opportunities, Prevent Customer Churn, Make more Accurate Revenue Predictions, Manage losses and Delinquencies with Early Warning Signals.

The solution drives the 4 pillars of a successful business 

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Customer Profitability

Identify profitable (and unprofitable) customers and drive acquisition activities that ensure long-term profitability. 

  • Acceptance Channels
  • Acceptance Price Points 
  • Repeats and Velocity
  • Ideal Customer Persona
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Business Success

Reduce loan origination time and make faster decisions by monitoring system efficiency. 

  • Loan Application Analysis
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Team Scorecard  
  • Geographical Analysis 
  • Modification Analysis
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Portfolio Performance

Improved insights on business metrics to drive optimal business strategies.

  • Loan Portfolio Report
  • Outstanding Report 
  • Payoff Analysis
  • Chareoff Analysis
  • Partner KPI Analysis
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Risk Management

See the indicators of at-risk customers to take timely, corrective action.

  • Delinquency Analysis 
  • Macroeconomic Analyser 
  • High Risk Segment 
  • Loan Default Predictor
  • Early Warning Indicator

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