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Powering Real Estate Lending With Innovative Hard Money Lending Solutions

LendFoundry helps private hard money lenders with innovative lending technology solutions bringing in fast loan closings through a flexible, automated lending platform to meet the private money lending industry’s evolving needs. We transform the way hard money lenders interact with Borrowers, Appraisers, Contractors, and Investors with our robust and agile technological innovations.

Our next-generation platform helps hard money lending companies like yours to grow your business with top-notch technology-driven solutions for Fix & Flips, Rental Loans, New Constructions, Bridge-Asset Only, Multi-family Properties, Bridge-Infill Lots, Infill Residential Development, and Commercial Properties. LendFoundry helps you win business with the promise to deliver seamless loan approvals,  property document verification process, tracking of loan applications, property reports, credentials, underwriting, final term sheets, and so on with automation.

Based on an” accelerator” concept, building blocks to support originating and servicing loans LendFoundry can be deployed rapidly and then customized to fit workflows, the desired branding, look and feel.

State-of-the-art micro-services design enables high performance and seamless scaling.

Offered as a Cloud Service (SaaS) making startup costs low and allowing to scale the application as the business grows. Flexibility to choose to use the entire solution or just the pieces that make business sense.

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Modular Hard Money Lending Software

Our low-code modular architecture powers the hard money lending platform to offer a high degree of reusability, agility, dependability, and ease-of-customization to build solutions tailor-made to suit unique business requirements, from generating documents and disclosures to processing payments and transactions, via check or NACHA/ACH. Deepen your customer relationship with the power of personalized omnichannel contextual experiences. Whether you prefer to manage everything in-house or outsource certain aspects of your operation, our flexible and agile private and hard money loan servicing platform is the ideal lending software to meet evolving needs of modern hard money lenders.

Our Features

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For your Borrowers

  • Online all the way for a seamless truly digital paperless experience
  • Multi-Channel application input support for easier Hard Money lending
  • Borrower self-service portal for transparent tracking through the application process and loan lifecycle
  • Configurable mobile and email management to automate notifications
  • Event-driven Statement of Account and Loan Closure document generation

For your Business

  • Works smoothly with any loan type; Fix & Flips, Rental Loans, New Constructions, Multi-family Properties, and Commercial Properties
  • Online all the way for a seamless truly digital paperless experience
  • Separate portal for application submission and tracking
  • Fast disbursement via ACH or payment gateway
  • Configurable mobile and email management to automate notifications
  • Event-driven customized workflow for leads management
  • Appraiser/Contractor Portal for ecosystem partnerships and affiliates
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For your Loan Origination

  • Connection with key credit risk analyzers, bureaus, watchlist, financial statement providers, etc. to establish pricing and decision models with optimal loan risk
  • Streamlined workflow with configurable approval cycle
  • System driven consent capture & communication for speedy funding
  • Easily configurable loan terms
  • Custom Workflows to support Credit & Risk Assessment
  • Quickly launch new loan products on the same single platform for easy onboarding
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For your Loan Portfolio

  • Configurable Payment Hierarchies to align to business events
  • Variety of Amortization schedules, Actual/Actual, 30/360
  • Supports multiple Repayment calculations - Equated Installments, Balloon, Bullet
  • Easy to configure additional discounts or fees on loans
  • Stop, skip and delay payments while maintaining yield targets
  • Multiple solutions for repayment processing including automated NACHA/ACH, Debit Card enabled funding, and repayment files creation
  • Configurable mobile and email management to automate notifications
  • Event-driven Statement of Account and Loan Closure document generation
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For your Technology Advantage

  • Highly Secured & Scalable Platform
  • SOC Type 1/2 certified
  • API for seamless integration with existing and future technology
  • Multilingual capability
  • User credential and role-based access
  • Complete transaction log generation and storage for future audit purposes
  • Integrated document storage with classification and access control
  • Comprehensive Investor Reporting and Analytics for current business requirements and supports long term business vision

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