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Real Estate Financing

Mortgage underwriting guidelines issued by the U.S. Government have not loosened since the passage of the Dodd Frank Act of 2010. The mortgage industry is poised for a fundamental shift as big banks implement BASEL III along with a rising interest environment in the United States.
Real Estate Financing

Our Features

LendFoundry has been working with some new and established players in the mortgage industry to revolutionize the way we finance our homes.

  • LendFoundry's core applications are integrated with all three major credit bureaus, AVMs Automated Valuation Models from major data providers in the United States.
  • LendFoundry is integrated with nationally recognized document service providers and e-signature providers for an seamless customer experience.

What is Lendfoundry

LendFoundry is the next-generation, end-to-end cloud based lending platform for alternative lenders. Packed with 50+ pre-configured, out-of-the-box APIs with major FinTech platforms to digitize your entire loan lifecycle.


Ultrafast Deployment

Get market ready in just 90 Days


Largest No. of API Integrations

Cutting Edge lending Solution with
50+ Default API integrations


Efficient & Cost Effective

Go-To-Market At 1/5th of the Cost

Get in touch to save 80% cost

LendFoundry has been working with some of the pioneers and upcoming players in Real Estate Financing space!

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