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User Portal

In the lending world, quick access to correct & complete information is critical. Our ‘User Portals’ are intuitively designed to and can be customized to ensure convenience, transparency, security & control of information for lenders and borrowers alike. These portals ensure operational efficiency for lenders and can be extended to their customers to delight them with efficiency and pure simplicity.

User Portal

Our Features


  • On-board a loan
  • View loans based on their different filters
  • View complete loan details, borrower’s details
  • View all transactions with full details of a loan
  • Update borrower’s details, bank details
  • Re-start interest accrual/payments
  • Use pay-off calculator
  • Initiate sell-off/charge-off process for a loan
  • Re-submit failed payments
  • View activity history of a loan
  • View all payment schedules with full details of a particular loan
  • Make a manual payment or schedule an ACH payment for pay off


  • Manage profile information
  • Request a drawdown in case of a LoC application
  • Make a payment
  • View payment history
  • View account details
  • Make a request to change the terms of the loan
  • Modify bank details
  • Upload/view documents