Category: Loan Origination Software

Benefits of a cloud-based loan origination system

  • April 1, 2021
  • 6 mins read

Loan origination is one of the most significant services in the financial services industry. It backs both commercial and consumer funding and as such is always under enormous pressure to churn multitudes of applications at a rapid scale. Traditional[...]

The Key to Efficient Commercial Loan Origination

  • February 25, 2021
  • 5 mins read

Lending has always been the key source of income for banks. Apart from their revenues from non-interest income such as ATM charges and overdraft fees, it has always been loan interest that has fed into the growth and revenue[...]

10 Features of the Perfect Loan Management Software

  • February 18, 2021
  • 6 mins read

For a long time now loan origination and loan servicing systems together also known as loan management systems have been largely paper-based. These systems have also principally been dependent on human support and as such prone to human errors.[...]

Why Should You Use A Cloud-Based Loan Origination and Loan Management Platform?

  • February 11, 2021
  • 6 mins read

Automation and cloud computing have brought in a whirlwind of change globally and the financial services industry is no exception. As such, traditional banks and lenders all over the world are now looking to adopt and implement these disruptive[...]