How does merchant cash advance software work?

Merchant Cash Advance software platform provides an end-to-end advanced system for organizing and monitoring
the varied components of the MCA process. It facilitates in streamlining and automating the lead capture
mechanism. That is a very important activity given efficient data at lead capture helps in all facets of the
underwriting process. In the next stage the best merchant cash advance software helps engineer decision support
systems, pulling data from central repositories or third party integrations for users to input bank statements, FICO
data, and card processing statements to enrich borrower data and provide better inputs to the decision engine.
These systems also contain funding calculators to determine terms for sales and loan repayment structures.

Next when a loan is disbursed the merchant cash advance software integrate with credit card and ACH payment
gateway APIs for daily, weekly, and monthly remittance schedules. The solution monitors transactions, redemption
processes and status updates. There are custom modules to manage commissions and payments to funding

The system also has user account portals with role-based access controls and management dashboards. These
portals are designed so that brokers can submit deals, investors can track performance metrics, merchants can
view repayment data.

On top the automated merchant cash advance solution also provides business intelligence on business health,
tracking of commissions, along with reports and statements for investors

  • June 15, 2021