Why choose Lendfoundry Loan Management software?

LendFoundry Loan Management Solution (LMS) helps lenders manage loan servicing digitally while offering scalability, security, speed and enhanced customer experience. Its API based design allows onboarding loans from any Loan Origination System (LOS) and serves as a system of record across multiple loan classes. You can record and track all loans, manage repayment schedules, track scheduled payments and ad-hoc payments, allocate repayments, and keep a check on delinquencies and closures. The system provides flexibility in choosing from multiple accrual methods and payment hierarchies.

The business rules engine and workflow built into the solution ensures greater regulatory compliance with faster processing time.

  • For your customers, it acts as a self-service portal offering a single view of their loans, payments, statements and facilitates periodic, timely communications.
  • For your support teams, they get everything required at one place and access to dashboards to manage loan portfolios efficiently.
  • For your business, it provides Analytics and AI tools to identify the next best upsell and cross sell opportunities. You can get comprehensive reports or create reports based on interactions with a single individual or business or you can look at how profitable offerings are for you. Reporting allows you to visualize and understand in which direction your business is moving.
  • May 31, 2021