Why choose Lendfoundry loan origination software?

LendFoundry Loan Origination Solution (LOS) helps lenders manage loan origination digitally while offering speed,
scalability, and actionable intelligence yielding happier customers and more business for you. The SOC1 and SOC2
certified system currently supports multiple products for unsecured consumer and unsecured business lending
including Merchant Cash Advance or Factor based product, term loans, line of credit, portfolio based loans which
can be used for Supply Chain Financing.

For your customers, LendFoundry LOS simplifies the application process and makes it paperless and convenient to
apply for loans digitally with complete visibility of the application status.
For your IT and operations teams, they get everything required at one place. Automated processing facilitates
speedy loan origination including borrower verification, decision making and underwriting. The microservice
architecture ensures a seamless integration with your existing and future technology environment, making it a
sweet deal for any IT department.
For your business, it offers actionable intelligence in assessing credit worthiness using multiple data sources
including social, fraud detection and prevention. In short, LendFoundry LOS enables you to process more
applications and faster.

On top, you get API integration with 80+ leading platforms helping you save time, cost, and efforts at every step of
the process. The loan application processing system harnesses the power of connector based design for an
ecosystem of 3rd party API integrations to enrich the application data and drive faster, better and compliant
decision making. The loan origination system workflow supports data enrichment for Identity, Fraud Detection,
Credit Bureau, Business Compliance, Financial, Compliance, Payments, Analytics, Workflow Gateway etc.

  • June 15, 2021