Markaaz and LendFoundry Advance Small Business Lending through Global Data Partnership

LendFoundry, an award-winning SaaS platform offering digital lending tools, and Markaaz, a global technology company specializing in business identity verification, are delighted to announce a partnership aimed at enhancing small business data coverage for Know Your Business (KYB) identity verification.

LendFoundry's advanced Loan Origination System and Loan Servicing System, along with features such as customer management, compliance reporting, authentication, security, and AI-powered credit scoring, have established it as a leader in the digital lending lifecycle. Integrating with over 80 third-party providers, including Experian, Equifax, Transunion, and various ID and Fraud providers, LendFoundry has become a trusted partner for financial institutions.

Founded in 2020, Markaaz has created the largest global small business database, comprising 300 million records across 200 countries and jurisdictions. Combined with Markaaz’s unique data-matching algorithm, crafted by data experts and enhanced by machine learning, the company can identify more small businesses than any other provider.

The collaboration between Markaaz and LendFoundry aims to enhance LendFoundry's global small business data coverage for KYB identity verification. As a new data provider for LendFoundry, Markaaz fills a critical gap and expands data coverage for small businesses, enabling companies to verify and onboard more businesses efficiently during the lending process.

Sandeep Phophaliya, Founder and CEO of LendFoundry, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "LendFoundry is excited about the collaboration with Markaaz. By integrating Markaaz into our ecosystem, we are filling a critical gap and enabling more small businesses to access vital loans. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to provide advanced tools and solutions for our lending customers."

Hany Fam, Founder and CEO of Markaaz, added, "We are pleased to partner with LendFoundry to offer our unique small business data coverage to their lending customers. Our APIs, designed for ease of use, will significantly reduce the development time and resources needed for data connection implementation. Together, we are facilitating faster and more accurate onboarding of small businesses for financial services."

This partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to providing valuable data and technology solutions for the benefit of their customers and borrowers.

About LendFoundry:

LendFoundry is a full-stack, cloud-based digital lending platform managing the entire loan cycle right from origination, marketing, acquisition, underwriting, and servicing. It empowers the lenders to focus on their core which is lending. With clients in the USA, Canada and Asia, LendFoundry is enabling lenders globally to take advantage of technology. Learn more at

About Markaaz: 

Markaaz is a global tech company that sets a new standard for small business data and solutions. With its proprietary matching algorithm, crafted by data experts and enriched through machine learning (AI/ML), it has created a Directory of over 300 million global small business records. This innovation allows banks, insurance, retail, marketplaces, and other companies to verify and approve more small businesses, accelerating access to vital services. Learn more at

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  • January 31, 2024