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How technology will play a crucial role in the success of BNPL providers?


Sep 22, 2022 23 mins read

How technology will play a crucial role in the success of BNPL providers?

Buying something today and paying it off later is not a new concept anymore. Today, the market is flooded with…

Grow your lending business by partnering with a disruptive technology solutions provider
Feb 24, 2022 17 mins read
The financial sector is constantly evolving to meet new challenges. Today, customer expectations are growing and digitalization is changing how…
What is Point of Sale Financing and How it Works?
Jan 13, 2022 13 mins read
What is point of sale financing? To put the definition in a bracket, point of sale (POS) financing is a…
What is a Credit Report and Why is it Important?
Dec 16, 2021 25 mins read
A credit report is an assessment of your credit history (record of credit behavior, current debts, available finances, and returnability…
The Power of Automating and Digitalizing Your Lending business
Dec 02, 2021 21 mins read
Automation has become synonymous to savings. Be it savings in time, dollars, or both. Banks and lending institutions around the…
5 Benefits of using a Cloud-based Loan Management System
Nov 11, 2021 18 mins read
Cloud computing has been around for more than a decade. But its benefits are unraveling now. Everything manual is slow,…
Look for these 5 Key Features In Your Digital Lending Platform
Oct 28, 2021 20 mins read
Lending has been one of the oldest financial services that the world has ever known and it dates back to…
The Pros and Cons of Merchant Cash Advance
Oct 21, 2021 16 mins read
Maintaining a positive working capital is advisable for all businesses. However, more often than not businesses find themselves grappling with…
How Automation Can Enhance the Loan Origination Process
Oct 14, 2021 21 mins read
The global lending market is set to hit $8809.25 billion in the year 2025, at a CAGR of around 6%.…
The Importance of Choosing a Trusted LOS Partner
Sep 30, 2021 18 mins read
The technological disruption in the financial services industry has spurred financial institutions to take a pause and take notice of…
How To Find the Right Loan Origination Software Provider for Your Lending Business?
Sep 02, 2021 19 mins read
The right loan software provider can make the daunting process of lending, a relatively easier one for you. Loan origination…